Documentary Photography

Documentary Photography is a powerful storytelling medium that aims to chronicle real-life events, people, and social issues in a candid and unbiased manner. It’s about capturing moments that bear witness to history, culture, and societal changes. The essence lies in presenting an authentic narrative, often shedding light on the overlooked or underrepresented aspects of life. Photographers in this genre are like visual journalists, documenting the world as it unfolds—its struggles, triumphs, and diverse realities. Through compelling visuals and visual narratives, documentary photography evokes empathy, raises awareness, and invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of the human experience.

Project Title: Echoes of Exile

The Geneva Camp, also called Bihari Camp, bears historical and cultural weight. The Biharis, labeled “Stranded Pakistanis,” migrated from India to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) after the 1947 partition. When Bangladesh sought independence from West Pakistan in 1971, the Biharis faced violence due to their perceived loyalty, leading many to take refuge in Geneva Camp.

Conditions in these camps were tough, marked by overcrowding and limited resources. Despite challenges, the Bihari community retained their cultural identity and Urdu language, grappling with citizenship and integration issues.

In the aftermath of independence, the door to return to Pakistan remained closed, resulting in the Bihari community’s prolonged stay in refugee camps. As time passed, they encountered challenges spanning citizenship, education, employment, and healthcare. The Geneva Camp became a powerful symbol of their ongoing struggles.

In the scope of my photo documentary, I place a strong emphasis on portraying the intricacies of their daily lives, shedding light on the conditions they inhabit day to day, and delving into the diverse range of professions they engage in to make their livelihoods. However, a particularly noteworthy aspect of my project centers around casting a spotlight on the children residing within the camp. These young individuals, who are the children of Bihari parents yet born as citizens of Bangladesh, hold a unique position that intricately weaves together their historical background and their present circumstances. By focusing on these children, I aim to provide a multifaceted and comprehensive narrative that captures the essence of their experiences and the broader context of their lives within the camp.

Echoes of Exile: Stories from Geneva Camp's Heart

Project Title: People & Their Unsung Professions

This series is dedicated to showcasing the unsung heroes of our society – the working class individuals who tirelessly work day and night to make our lives easier. These individuals are the backbone of any community, yet they often remain invisible among us. Despite working in some of the most challenging and unhealthy environments, they ensure we do not have to endure such conditions.

Through my photographs, I hope to shed light on the lives and struggles of these individuals. I want to introduce my viewers to the people who make our daily lives possible, yet whose stories and experiences are often overlooked. I want to give these people the recognition they deserve, and highlight their contributions to society.

To capture the essence of these individuals and their surroundings, I have utilized natural lighting to create a mood and convey emotion in my photographs. I have tried to use light in the most creative ways possible to add an ethereal quality to even the most ordinary of subjects. These photographs were not staged as I believe that authentic feelings can only be captured through authentic shots.

I hope my viewers will appreciate the stories and experiences shared through this series and gain a deeper understanding of the working class individuals who keep our society running. I believe this series will be a tribute to these individuals and a reminder of the resilience and strength of the human spirit.

People & Their Unsung Professions

Project Title: Absence of Light

I am mostly a color photographer. However, as a part of my experiments sometimes I take Black and White photographs. As per my understanding, sometimes Black and White Photographs tell stronger stories than that of Color Photographs. It is probably because Black and White Photographs have less distractions compared to Color Photographs. My primary objective was to play with the available lights and shadows. And in that exhibition, I had the plenty of opportunities to play with lights and shadows.

In this project I tried to showcase how the absence and diminution of light create an atmospheric sense of emptiness and isolation. Absence and diminution of light also evoke sad and helpless feelings. Everyone who visited this exhibition, experienced the same feeling. However, if the premises of this exhibition were properly lit, the feelings as well the experiences would have been totally different. Lights and shadows have the instant and direct impact on the people’s mind.

Absence of Light

Project Title: People and Their Environment

I believe humans are the most important element for any genre of photography. Different environments provoke different emotions, different emotions provoke different moods and different moods provoke different behavior. In short, the environment determines the mood. Most of the time, it is the humans in a photo that catch the eye. For instance, I took a photo where a man is sleeping on a boat. I named it Morning Dreams. If we dissect what meets the eye, we’ll notice that the man had wrapped himself with two blankets with the above being orange. Two blankets indicate that it is winter time. Moreover, the man is using a school bag as his pillow, and the hard wood of the boat as his mattress. It should also be mentioned that it is morning time. This does not speak of an easy life. Now let’s look into what does not meet the eye, i.e., the backstory of the photo. It is clear that the man had worked all night, and is now getting much-needed sleep before he repeats this cycle. This does not only depict the struggle of one man, but the stories of many of the struggling class. It is this power of moments, environment and the people in it that draws me to preserve them in a frame. I believe the story of this photo is not limited to the context of our nation, but globally, just in different attires, and in different tongues. This photo wouldn’t have held the value or painted the picture it does if the man wasn’t present there. It would have been just another boat. It is the element of human that gave life to the photo. I believe the same can be felt or observed in all of the photos that I take and will take and that is what I have tried to showcase here.

People & Their Environment

Project Title: Durga Puja at Puran Dhaka

Durga Puja, an exuberant and deeply spiritual celebration revered by Hindu communities across South Asia, particularly in the vibrant tapestry of Bangladesh, is a vivid and enchanting journey into a world of age-old rituals, dazzling festivities, and boundless joy. I embarked on a month-long odyssey, a visual saga, to capture the soul of this grand event, commencing with the hallowed preparation of the sacred soil for the Protima and concluding with the triumphant completion of the idol. The challenge lay in distilling the heart and soul of this magnificent spectacle into just twelve evocative photographs, each a vibrant brushstroke on the canvas of tradition.

These captivating images hail from the labyrinthine streets of Puran Dhaka (Old Dhaka), weaving a story that unfolds across Shakhari Bazar, Sutrapur, Katalibazar, Shambazar, and more. Within each frame, my ultimate purpose was to illuminate the vivid colors and infectious festivity that infuse every nook and cranny of this remarkable celebration. Join me on this visual adventure where ancient traditions meet modern lenses, and where a mere snapshot captures a thousand words of cultural richness and spiritual fervor.

Durga Puja at Puran Dhaka